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There’s something I’ve been waiting to tell you about for

quite a while…

It’s something with the potential to help you build your
business faster, cheaper and easier than before.

But I’ve been holding off telling you until the time was

Well now is that time… the time for me to reveal “my

little secret.”

What’s really been missing in this industry for quite a

while is ONE place for leaders to come together to share

their value with the marketplace.

Yes, you can do that from your own blogs and websites, but
it can take a while to develop a following large enough to
build a successful business.

And there’s really no place where a brand new networker can

get started providing value to a large group of targeted
prospects INSTANTLY.

Well there is now.
It’s called the Association of Better Networkers.

And by the end of this email, it’s going to be crystal clear
why you should be the next member.

The Association of BetterNetworkers is basically a private
group of leaders from the BetterNetworker Community who have
decided to help others in the community achieve success as
quickly as possible.

Think of it this way…

Networkers join the f*ree BetterNetworker community to learn
about networking and how to build their business.

Networkers join the ABN to identify themselves as leaders in

the community and to provide the value, help and support
others need to be successful.

Here’s how I see it:

BetterNetworkers are networkers…

ABN Members are LEADERS…

If you’ve been on this list for more than a day, you already
know which group I’d recommend you belong to.

So here’s how you become a leader:

First, you have to work at it.

Second, you have to keep working even if things aren’t going
your way.

Finally, you have to provide so much value to your prospects
and the rest of the marketplace that it’s a no brainer for
them to follow you.

Becoming a Member of the Association of BetterNetworker
provides you with the benefits and tools to do just that.

Here’s the quick rundown:

Benefit #1:
You get instant access to “The Vault.” That’s the private
“members only” area of BetterNetworker that’s filled with
training (over 1,000 pieces) from the top 6, 7 and 8 figure
earners in the industry. It’s pretty much the “Fort Knox”
of training for the home business owner.

Benefit #2:
Let’s face it, the economy sucks right now. People are
losing their jobs and they’re looking for a way to take
control of their lives.

Starting a home business is one way to do that. And when
those people show up at BetterNetworker looking for help and
guidance to grow their business…

Well, being an ABN Member will give you some instant
credibility to set yourself apart.

Benefit #3:
Targeted F*ree Traffic from Google – ABN Members are able to
post content on BetterNetworker.  Articles, videos, whatever… Google
gobbles that stuff up. And other BetterNetworker members spread it around.
The more content you create, the more chances you have to get found…
and the results can be pretty amazing. Plus, if you create content
focused on a particular company you represent, you can even
get your own lead capture form to help build your list.

Benefit #4:
ABN Members help make the world a better place.  Each year a
portion of all Membership fees are donated to a charity that
Members will get to choose as a group.


Here’s the crazy part:

The fee to become a member of the ABN is about 10 bucks a

Do you know of another place to invest that amount of money
in your business that has such a huge potential for return?

Do you know of another place to generate highly-targeted

traffic and leads for such a small investment?

I don’t.

Most associations are pretty good at taking your money and
sending you a pretty magazine to look at every month.

It might pass the time, but it doesn’t really do much for
your bottom line.

The ABN is different. The Association of Better Networkers
is about giving you the tools you need to create results as
quickly as possible.

So visit this page, then join the ABN:

Join the ABN

I’m handing you the keys to the kingdom here.

What you do with them is up to you.

Join now…

Onward and upward,

Mike Dillard

P.S. One of the biggest challenges of growing your business
online is generating leads.  And with the slap silly
Google, it’s been harder than ever to reach your target

I can tell you ONE place where your target market is hanging

It’s BetterNetworker.

So unless you just want to make things hard for yourself,
then go over to BetterNetworker, join the ABN and get
started providing value.

*** End Of Letter ***

Hope you will enjoy this AWESOME COMMUNITY!



Vince Lasalvia
Internet Marketer & Success Coach

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