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Hello There…

I want to take a step back to properly introduce myself.

I want to let you in my world,

for it is my goal to have you better know me, and for me to better know you.

As I sat at my desk thinking about my blessings, I suddenly realized even more clearly WHY I do what I do.

I truly want to help people live to their life’s potential and reach their financial goals. Now to keep it real, money is only the means to do the things we want to do, pay the bills we need to pay, and give back in all the ways we dream of.

With that realization, I found it necessary to open up, so you can see for yourself how I can guide you down a path that can make some of dreams come true.

About Me and My ” Big Day”;)

I sat in my apartment sweating in the middle of July… not only from the heat, but from the realization that my twin girls had just came into the world.

Happiness and joy? Yes!…

But, I was also haunted with thoughts of new responsibilities.

Being a newlywed I was still wrapping my mind around being a good husband…

Now two beautiful girls who are looking up to me…

I began to think about the life I wanted to provide for my family…

Financial freedom, our dream home, private school, travel abroad, and all the purses and shoes my three girls could image…

… and of course some toys for myself… boat, Farrari, exotic vacations… just to name a few…

Screaming louder above all those thoughts was, “Man I really hope this business works out! We Really need it now…”

I’m sure  (Name) you’ve found yourself thinking this a time or two about a job or business venture you pursuing.

You see, I started my business over two years ago when I was distracted by every bell and whistle ( girls, parties, etc)  that came my way.

I’m honest… glad I did too…(smile)…

Point being I had no focus, and no real results in my business. I had to be real with myself though and admit that it was not the business that didn’t work, it  was me that wasn’t doing the work.

I need to make some changes inside my mind and heart.  ( It wasn’t until this past year was able to understand or motivate myself to do that)

It was in May this year that I sat in my office chair, looked at my dusty business stuff and asked myself, ” are you done being broke minded, and are you ready now to make this business work?”

I came across a photo of me cashing in coins at Coin Star just to get money to eat. But the sad thing is, it was my girlfriend ( wife now) that had taken the picture. I then thought, ” I don’t want this for her or my unborn daughters. I didn’t grow up like this and I don’t want my family to live like this either”…

We can talk more about my journey next time…

Long story short… I found my motivation ( what I also call my WHY) to take my business serious and do what I needed to do to make it successful.

No more excuses!

Are you ready to face your WHY and start taking your business serious?

Before My Twin Girls Were 1 Month Old,
I Had a $9,000-Day, and 2-weeks worth just under $11,000 in Sales..

Being from Italy, one of my WHYs was to travel back home business class a few times a year.

Its important to me for my girls to think of Italy as their second home.

My Wife and I and now planning our trip for this fall…

Its seems like a dream that a few months ago I was cashing in coins, now I’m taking big steps into a life of luxury…

Magic? Luck?… couldn’t be further from the truth… a few prayers to say the least…

Are you waking in shoes I used to walk in? Broke, $45,000 + in debt, car less, and cashing in coins? ( all this with a family on the way)

I’m talking real numbers guys…
Check this out,
from my primary business back-office:
(Can you join the same primary business?
You bet… a little more on that later..) :
Want to start seeing THIS when you log into your account?

I promise we’ll talk after I get it, and you’ll be on your way.

At that point, we’ll simply match your goals, to the options we have make you reach them

NOW,  if You want to Clear Your Mind a little bit more, about our community,
….keep reading…
You’ve been watching Juan’s videos on my site, you read about Jay K. and Aaron P.,
and these are the guys who made it ALL possible for me, and a lot of other people…
Jay and Aaron founded the community that is CCPRO today..
….and Juan is the guy who let me “Carbon Copy ” him… get it? 🙂
Well it really is like that, that’s why Jay And Aaron called it CarbonCopyPRO..
We literally give you the chance to come in, and do what a Pro is doing,
without any knowledge needed.
We empower entrepreneurs with knowledge to sell ANYthing, ANYwhere, to ANYone in the world….
Don’t have a business or product?
That’s where we come in again….
advising you on a fantastic, rockstar product line leader in its market…
*That allowed ME to reach the result I put in the title…and 11K in about 2 weeks.
*Juan to reach $25K+/month after only 90 days,
*And a Nice Group of Happy Entrepreneurs making around $100K Per Month, within our CCPRO community
(remember my reference to my “primary business” a few paragraphs above? You Got it, this is where the screenshots come from..)
We do have a great compensation plan by the way,
and this bring me to the OTHER IMPORTANT REASON WHY I do this:

I’m looking for 10-15 serious people, that will give me 110% for 1 year minimum,
and MY GOAL is to get them to $10k/month minimum.


Cause if I do that, I’ll make about $40-50K/month in RESIDUAL INCOME.
Residual= Without me doing ANYTHING I make that money.

So why WOULDN’T I teach you everything I know and everything I WILL know,
to get you to that level?

Can You seriously think of ONE reason?

So that’s what it’s all about…

Be clear if you want to be one of those 10-15 people,
be clear on your reason WHY you do this…

And the rest will come easy.

What’s separating you from me, Juan and the rest?
Time, and Mindset, THAT’S IT.

Are you saying what about marketing education?
We specialize in that, we’re first and foremost a Marketing Education Platform, so not to worry.
Carbon Copy me directly, and ALL of us indirectly to finally burn your bills,
your W-2s…. ANYTHING of this life you hate…

and Start a New One , Right Now.
To Your UNavoidable Success With Us,



Vince Lasalvia
Internet Marketer & Success Coach

Connect With me :
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/MakeMoneyWithVince
Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/vincelasalvia

P.S.: If you’re reading this, but you haven’t put your name and email on my site YET,
please do so here, and it will ALL make sense to you 🙂

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