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Amidst thousands of networking websites, there are a few that can leverage your personal business atop. However, there are miniclip, Facebook, eBay, MySpace, hotmail, Google, online video, share videos and video tools that can help you build your personal business. But, this piece of editorial would majorly focus on Social Media Video giant YouTube and Video Marketing and how it influences brand building and execution.

Why YouTube Video marketing is the best way to go. YouTube is the best means of online marketing through videos. This largest video sharing network on the Earth is at the peak of its popularity. For instances, President Obama uses it for his Union address, universities use it to share lectures, and many more counts to count on. The reason, why video marketing is so effective in communicating, is that while going through the video the audiences feel as if they met you by the time video is over. This elevates interest in the audience instead of going through a boring piece of advertisement in a newspaper.

• How to use YouTube in building your business. Video Marketing can enhance your advertising as no other media and thus YouTube helps a great deal. To build your personal brand, you should first decide how to position your product in the market. Here are the few tips for branding your profile.

• This is extremely important to give a proper name to your YouTube channel depending on your branding strategy.

• It is very vital to fill out the profile properly. It is through this that you get a platform to present yourself in a manner to attract audience’s attention where a lot of your competitors compete.

• There are different types of account in YouTube, however ‘Guru’ account is highly recommendable where you can use logos and add links.

• Customize your account to a newer layout where people would watch your product video.

• Give an attractive channel title and tag.

• The last thing you should do is to edit the ‘Featured video’ so that people viewing your profile can get the sneak peak of your latest videos.

Now, as you present your legitimate profile on YouTube, you must create remarkable videos to spotlight your product for building your personal business. For creating videos, content is most important. Content should be worth explaining, i.e., either funny or extremely interesting. After creating the video, promoting it is the next step. To promote your video, you can use your other social network that you already have, just like Facebook, MySpace, eBay, hotmail etc., Google reader, online videos, share videos, video tools and miniclip can also be of great help in promoting your business through YouTube. You may also use the networking features of YouTube that come with a YouTube account e.g. subscribe others so that they subscribe back your channel/s.

YouTube is the most consisting and trafficking website, nowadays, that can give Video Marketing a very good platform to build your personal business. Your product might not get 100, 000 viewers but you can get a strategic exposure through authentic video sharing. Nothing can give a better voice and appearance to your brand than YouTube, thus serving as an important asset to your business.


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7 Basics of an effective email marketing campaign

Online Marketing and Email Marketing is a great pair, delivering the special kind of synergy when applied in an effective combined manner. And if you have an online marketing plan, indeed your business can foster and grow with an effective email marketing very quickly.
To be effective with an email marketing campaign you should take care of the following things:
• A proper Blue-print: Just like any other form of marketing campaign, an email marketing campaign also requires a proper blue-print. You can be sure of the flying colors with your email campaign only if you do your home work very well. A haphazard and imbalanced plan for this very purpose is always discouraged.
• Time management: Keep the time factor all above everything. Manage schedule the time you want to devote to your email marketing campaign. You shouldn’t not mix match the time frames that you have already scheduled in your Blue-Print. Stick to the division of labor theory. And the final segment of time management should be devoted to the time gap between the mailers during your campaign (to the same person). It is really essential to have a spamming free email campaign.
• List management: You must make sure that you have a good list of people to send those mails. Developing a mailing list on the grounds of your product or service specification and the preferences of people is the best practice to stick to. Whether you are using a standard opt-in list or a format list, do not forget to take the permission of the recipients prior to sending the mail. Inclusion of opt-out, privacy assurance links in your email are highly recommended. It’s not only a safe practice but also adds to your reputation.
• Content Management: Mailers containing advertisements, subscription calls are OK only when they are accompanied by a proper piece of content delivering value to the readers. It’s a kind of value exchange through your mails. So, keep the value exchange/delivery part in your mind while framing the content for the mailer. Also, the subject line should be taken care of. Say something in the subject that is very genuine and doesn’t look like a spam.
• Etiquette management: Your mail is the reflection of your brand. Be it a product or service, you can’t afford to miss the general etiquettes while drafting a mail while preparing an email marketing campaign. Take good care of the things like the salutation, content flow, product or service representation etc.
• Be Ethical: Avoid the sales tricks wherever possible. Minimal use of phrases like ‘conditions apply’ are always encouraged for an effective email campaign. Inclusion of these wordings makes your email look like a crap. If you are using this special type of marketing for your network or multi level marketing business then try to have a proper justification for all the claims you make.
• Be Social: Social media is the great player of all the time for all the businesses. So, don’t neglect this very fact. Include your social networking URLs in your mailers. Try to engage the recipients socially on the platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, Digg etc. Try to make a relationship with your prospective recipients.
Despite the introduction of latest form of marketing and advertising, email marketing is here to stay. No one can neglect the potential of an email marketing campaign. So, just sit back, apply these 7 basics and write down your own blue-print for your email marketing campaign. Good Luck!!

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