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As what we know the only permanent thing here on earth is the term change. Everything changes according to its own way. Among these things are fads and trends. Leveraging quality in fads and trends of fashion is one way to improve fashion. In this kind of industry quality is really significant for you to be able to catch the attention of your target costumers. But to amaze all, the fads and trends postulate applies to the business world too. Building a business legacy that will endure always depends on developing the power to distinguish a long-term trend from a fad with shorter time span.
Fads are the efforts or effects that last for a very short period of time, whereas trends are the long term efforts with a longer time span. And building a business legacy always depends on the ability to distinguish a long-term trend from a short-term fad in business.
For example – Just imagine NBC universal and recognize the face that blinks instantly. Yes, it is Jeff Zucker, the president and CEO of NBC Universal. Guess how he rules the entertainment world even when he was diagnosed with Colon Cancer at an early age of 31! At a time when nobody could see the next generation entertainment industry, he saw it. He clicked a real trend not a fad. In this case, there are companies that stayed with basic type of entertainment and yet touched the fame. But if you compare them wisely, you would know the difference; it is the time frame. NBC Universal with its show The Today Show touched a new horizon. Later Jeff added other super hit shows like the Fear Factor, The Apprentice – where he signed Donald Trump. Jeff really insisted on a trend and the result – an ultimate entertainment business legacy.
Probably everyone on the planet knows about NBC. Sworn by the trend sworn by the long term strategies, Jeff has created a real business legacy in entertainment industry. So, whether you aim to be at the top or not, you require setting up some visionary long term goals in order to have a business legacy. Sticking to a long term visionary planning is the best thing to do to have a great business. This long term planning or strategy is said to be the trend in our discussion so far.
Though we are very simply talking about building a business legacy with a trend setting or a long term strategy, it is not very simple at all. Just take a good look at the starting of NBC Universal and you would know it. Both the trend and fad are always dominated by the time factor. In a trend or a long term strategy the concerned time frame is of a good length. Whereas a fad is very fraction of a trend; it’s too short.
So, to build up a legacy in your business all you need is to leverage a trend or a long term policy based on some real facts into the business you are doing.


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